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Delve into Cape Town’s rich history and culture – from large, world-renowned museums to smaller, quirky offerings, there’s a wealth of spaces to explore.

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Robben Island Museum

Take a ferry ride to Robben Island, the place former South African president Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 28 of his 27-year sentence. Here you can experience a tour guided by a former political prisoner of the island, which makes for a unique journey into the island’s history.

Distance from hotel to ferry: 6km

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District Six Museum

The Museum serves as memorial of the area known as District Six, where 60 000 inhabitants were forcefully removed during the Apartheid Era in the 1970s. Exhibits include newspaper records, original identity cards, posters, pamphlets, as well as original correspondence and legal documents.

Distance from hotel: 6.6km

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A fairly new kid on the block, Zeitz MOCAA, opened in 2017, is the largest art museum in Africa, housing some of the most significant contemporary African art. It is home to two magnificent venues, a retail shop, rooftop restaurant and a coffee shop. What makes it even more spectacular, is that the building was constructed from the conversion of a 57m tall historic grain silo, that is still visible in the architecture.

Distance from hotel: 7km

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Cape Town Diamond Museum

Discover the world of diamonds and if you like what you see, you could even shop for some new finds. Here, you can learn more about South African diamonds and explore the history of the diamond rush and where it all began.

Distance from hotel: 7km

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South African National Gallery

Located in the Company’s Garden, the museum houses a collection of contemporary and historical artworks. It showcases paintings, photography, sculpture, beadwork, textiles and architecture from South Africa, Africa, Britain, France and The Netherlands.

Distance from hotel: 8.5km